Leader of the Manitoba Liberal Party Doesn't Support Bill C-51?? Rana Bokhari Speaks

On Canada Day (July 1st) 2015, Josh Sigurdson and John Doull hit up Winnipeg's Osborne Village during the Canada Day street festival to ask people important political questions across the board. One of the major questions asked regarded Bill C-51, Harper's so-called anti-terror legislation also known as "the police state bill". Since Justin Trudeau supports C-51, we felt we should ask Rana Bokhari, the leader of the Manitoba Liberal Party her position on Bill C-51. While at first Bokhari avoided the question, she eventually answered that she does not support Bill C-51 which of course is a good thing, however it goes against the Federal Liberal Party's stance greatly. There seems to be mass confusion among Liberal Party members over this issue. Could this development cause some problems within the Liberal Party? We'll have to see at a later time. Don't mind the futile arguing in this video. It happens often. Politicians seem to think (despite the fact that they're public servants) that us, their bosses, can't approach them and get answers on camera. We strive to prove that to be untrue. Sorry Rana, but you're a politician now. You seem like a nice woman, but we at WAM still have a job to do. Video edited by Josh Sigurdson Featuring: Rana Bokhari Josh Sigurdson Camerawork: John Doull Josh Sigurdson Graphics by Bryan Foerster Music: Floodways Part 2: Return to Lake Agassiz - Illusive Mind Floodways Part 3: Calving - Illusive Mind For all WAM updates and reports visit our website, register for free and get our newsletter emailed to you weekly. http://winnipegalternativemedia.com Like us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/WinnipegAlternativeMedia On Twitter - @WPGAltMedia Email - winnipegaltmedia@gmail.com Prairie Truth 2015


Terry Wiebe: What an amateur! ...my god I'm amazed she was that polite....get a real job...your so called reporting skills suck .

Andrew K: you need to your interview better, your still sucks, look how other reporter do they interview. your not a report you just some guy off the street who thinks the can get media attention. well your not..

zinakan: This is the leader of the liberal party in Manitoba??? Wow her people skills suck, I mean that was just terrible.

Wrecktitude Media: Dissenting opinions are allowed in parties. Unless you're under the strict eyes of the conservatives. The self-righteous indignation of being asked a basic federal question is just ridiculous, she should know better. That's why I never trust Liberals, too slimy for my liking. The Liberals and Conservatives have been controlled for generations by the Desmarais connected owners of Power Corporation. Sadly even Bob Rae and his brother were stooges and they helped bring down the NDP. I'm not 100% on board with the NDP on some issues, but when it comes to fighting the TPP, TTIP and ridiculous treaties being signed behind closed doors, then I have to say they're our best shot. They also are thinking about measures to implement post office banking which I think is a great idea having money flowing back into communities and fair interest rates. Not like the ones the corrupt central banks give out to people. Also, our health care system is going down the road to privatization and the NDP where I live are spearheading the counter-attack to save public hospitals with unions and the Council of Canadians. Although people may not agree with me I respect their opinions and wish them well, everyone is entitled to their ideas and deserve to have their voices heard.. Cheers!

TaserTester: Quite frankly she seems like an idiot. Too bad, because I really like Jon Gerrard. No way Id support the NDP next election, and I planned on voting for the Libs, but now I don't think I will. I would never support the Conservatives, maybe I will protest vote Green or something...

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