dave: What has it come to when those who want to defend liberties and rights of the individual end up ultimately defending backwards and oppressive practices? The 'Western Liberal Tradition' has a proud history of defending the rights of women not defending their right to be oppressed!! Do not lose sight of the greater evil here with nonsense accusations of xenophobia & racism and defend the true liberal ideal.

Zade Granger Hale: Let girls wear the veil if they feel comfortable in it. Fuck off you xenophobic, right-wing twats.

cucking funt: If you send your kids in with balaclavas on their heads would it be OK?

OnceUponAtimeThereWasAyoutubeUserWithAlongName 1992: Sorry but some cultural and religious practices need to be left in the past. I'm a pagan so can I wear a severed goats head as a hat because it's classed as "religious freedom"?....Likewise the Muslim veil needs to be eradicated

Despott: What bothers me most about the veil is the fact that muslim woman know absolutely that we find it offensive, yet still insist on pushing the boundries. They seem to have an attitude of "we don't care if you find it offensive, you 'll have to get used to it". We all know how that attitude would work with a non muslim causing offence in an islamic country. Muslims demand that you behave accordingly in their countries, yet refuse to give the same courtesy in western lands. A recent report uncovered that many muslim woman in places like Bradford and Birmingham are completely disconnected from British society. They also happen to be the cities where the full face veil is most prevelant. Well of course they're fucking disconnected from British society when they insist on wearing a garment that screams "don't approach me, don't talk to me, don't even look at me." We need to just grow some balls and put an outright ban on the full face veil in public. It's causes nothing but division.

Floppy Dodo: Thats the next ISIS attack location sorted then lol

FireLordZuko: Ofsted is a joke lol - on the day of inspection all teachers and student are ordered to be on their best behaviour - its pointless. Also regarding head veils, take it off when Ofsted come and then put it back on when they leave..

Rufus Chucklebutty: its hardly believable that we are actually even discussing medieval and barbaric customs being allowed in Britain In 2016, out ancestors must be spinning in their graves.

MrSonicAdvance: Nice problematic glasses, Branwen. Did you get those for your Wimmin's Studies degree?


BritishFreedom: Just kick them out. Problem solved..

Steve W: Good!

AWResistance: If you're going to ban the veil, then you should also ban school uniforms. Both the veil and school uniforms are about conformity, and currently children are being punished for showing even the least bit of individuality in external fashion. When everyone looks the same, then the next step is everyone thinking the same, it's all about conformity to the state.

One could even argue that the veil is a symbol of individuality in a school setting, it's a symbol of that individuals own beliefs that differ from the norm. I personally don't give a shit what people wear, i believe everyone should be allowed to dress how they like, reflecting their own individual personality and also what they find comfortable .

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