5/07/2015 -- Large 7.3M earthquake strikes Papua New Guinea -- Tsunami warning issued

May 7, 2015 As if we needed any more signs of major global seismic unrest.......... today yet ANOTHER 7.3 magnitude earthquake has struck Papua New Guinea in the West Pacific. Full website post covering this newest earthquake here: http://dutchsinse.com/5072015-7-3-magnitude-earthquake-strikes-papua-new-guinea-again-tsunami-warnings-issued/ ________ In the past 7 days, this makes FOUR different near (or greater than) 7.0 magnitude earthquakes at this location. Starting with a 6.9M, followed by a 7.2M, followed by a 7.5M, now we see today's (May 7, 2015) large magnitude 7.3 event. A tsunami warning has been issued for areas within 300km of the earthquake epicenter. Luckily only small waves are being reported.


stanibol: Thanks for your video and info. I found something irregular with this 7.4. Earthquake. I don't suppose anyone has any reports of underground explosion that may have triggered or contributed to this massive earthquake?

dutchsinse: Eruption in Indonesia at Mount Karangetang.. May 8, 2015

LibertyOrDeath: People who have visions say they see basically a black spot where Japan used to be. I think they are being targeted.

Answer4canceR: Didnt you predict this in a nother video?

teceyS3: You know Dutch, someday you're going to be God's geologist- since you're willing to track this stuff correctly and report on it honestly- and the weenies in the USGS will be damned ;)

Spiffy Turtle: With alla this movement on the Pacific Plate, how much longer can the Juan de Fuca hold Cascadia in place? It's gonna go soon

dutchsinse: Eruption in the Philippines yesterday May 7 2015.. Mount Bulusan..

Looks like we got an eruption instead of the large earthquake we were expecting...



Jason Bourne: i was in that one below aye last week...so yep its happening here too and another up north a week before that too....

Jason Bourne: http://www.odt.co.nz/news/queenstown-lakes/341040/large-earthquake-near-wanaka

gut viol: This man is a genius.

Ricki Rubio: Oh man that's twice!The good thing is that that area ain't heavy populated.

G- Man: Holy Hell. Not Good

Sandy: Dutch, you're spot on....I trust your forecasts implicitly. Please continue to do what you are doing extremely well! Blessings!

Sasquatch Vibrations: I know this is a lot, but can you make a huge video where all of your prophecies are proven accurate?

Alex vrgz: OMG Could be true about that planet

Alice Wonderland: Do they ever "upgrade" an earthquake? What's with the constant downgrading?

Linda Robb: I am so grateful it didn't hit in So. California!  Thanks for your very hard work Dutch!

Dawn's Heartfelt Corner: Thank you for sharing!! I hope you do not mind but I would like to share it with our viewers. God bless you :)

drake: You should make a podcast, with some other minds like yourself.

J James Wall: just found this article thought you might be interested... if you haven't seen it at all

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