Sqaure Eyes39: The threat in Syria is the Barack Osama Regime attacking the Russians or 'isil' If Clinton wins it's WW3.

Makaveli ThaDon: Errr she's so fuckin ugly she looks like she's been resurrected from the dead

smegmalyzer: It's valuable to show the utter demented, deranged, deluded depravity of the twisted, toxic Tories and their lackwitted lickspittles.

Here, they can boastfully flaunt their selfish, sadistic stupidity and their hate-filled, cruel lack of any compassion, and remind the decent, intelligent and honourable Left just why the polluted Right must be defeated and destroyed at any cost; and its infectious, contaminated dogmas and their vile adherents purged forever from civilised society.

tj o: It's a shame that punishing him for his remarks would negatively effect americans. as we know politicians don't speak for us even though they should. go trump.

Colin Dixon: apart from the leaders I must say both of our flags look awesome together Britain and USA allies forever!

Fnord Fnordington: Theresa May is kind of person I expect to see on an advert for macmillian cancer support - not prime minister of the world’s most developed nation. I wouldnt trust her with my left over broccoli, let alone the nation's nuclear arsenal.

neil cooper: barack obama is a criminal

Find Electrician: The Brits are our brother's. Total respect from New York.

Ekenedilichukwu Abol: May=Retard

James Richard Jeremy Clarkson-Hammond-May: She forgot the foreign Secretary was Boris Johnson

xxDeath99Starxx: fucking Kenyan monkey

PL Fong: People are tired of anything the founder of Isis has to say.

just me: what a wasted opportunity...2 murdering scumbags in one place

Biguss Dickus: I can understand why the US wasn't happy with the UK's decision to leave the EU. All that time spent negotiating TTIP wasted. The UK would have been a jewel in the crown for the US. They will have to start again, but not until the UK has left the EU. The people of the EU should thank the UK for this.

Ondrej Roberto: Long standing allies indeed. In terrorizing the world.

GoGamerz GnO: When will Obama realise he isn't president of the fucking world

Denis wolf: Neither of these two cretins mentioned the Forced Adoption Trade UK and US!
Social Services £1.2 billion child snatch fraud!

Unbelievably, social services staff and solicitors are milking £1.2 billion nationally from our council tax and legal aid, by snatching 4,500 children annually from their parents on false pretexts they need to be adopted.

They pick healthy children, under the age of 4 because they can’t remember their addresses to return home. Each year, 2,000 of these are under one year old.

The resulting court battles, council specialists and consultants are then able to stretch out the custody, care, foster and adoption procedures for a year or more, pocketing up to a million per child.
Wrecking young lives

All this is our taxes, used to wreck innocent children’s lives and devastating the lives of parents, all for private profit and political dogma.

The racket begins when social service officers identify poor or defenceless parents, preferably a single mother. They then snatch her child or children, quoting a false deficiency in her parenting.

The next step is to call in consultants, either themselves or their associates, to prepare expensive, falsified psychiatric reports on both the children and the mother, for which they pay themselves as much as £25,000 a month in additional fees. They call in solicitors they work with, one to represent social services, one for the child. Except the one purporting to represent the child is actually working with social services too.
Solicitors from hell

The two sets of solicitors then work together against the interest of the mother and child, dragging out the affair for as long as possible, demanding more psychiatric reports, often taking the mother in to care too. The solicitors’ bills can grow to hundreds of thousands of pounds, more with deliberate delays and adjournments; the social services staff make fortunes out of the consultancy, and by providing housing at up to £800pw per child.

The trauma the mother goes though is unbelievable; the trauma the children suffer with the separation and moving around inside the ghastly council care system, where many of them are abused, can be with them for life. None of that matters: there’s an average of £270,000 to be shared between social services staff and solicitors.
Common Purpose is complicit

This exploitation is enabled via the EU’s Common Purpose, a criminal organisation that manipulates our legal and local government systems for private profit, using members operating inside and outside government.

If social workers need a firm of solicitors to act corruptly, the Common Purpose network has solicitors as members. If they need to shut up parents or grandparents, the CP network has members in the police, including the Chief Constables of entire forces, who will arrest them on trumped up charges. If they need external psychiatrists to falsify reports, CP has them. It has magistrates and judges as members.
Training in trauma and brutality

The creation of massive “trauma through injustice,” the snatching of children for forced adoption, is just one of over 200 Frankfurt School subversion techniques implemented in Britain by the EU since the 1950’s, with Common Purpose and the Freemasons implementing at the local level.

There are two objectives:

1. Trauma makes people live in fear of government; it controls them and makes them comply.

2. It trains local leaders, like social services, councils and courts, to rule with the brutality a dictatorship like the EU will need to stay in power.

The result is some parents commit suicide, most are damaged mentally, which Social Services then callously use in court to further justify their case.
Our corrupt legal profession

The former Chairman of the Law Society, Janet Paraskewa, is in Common Purpose, which may explain why corrupt lawyers are protected, instead of being struck off. The Law Society did not act when firms of solicitors scammed £800 million from the government’s compensation for miners. The Serious Fraud Office had to be called in to solicitors like Beresfords. Its is almost impossible for a parent to find an honest firm of family court solicitors to represent them.
Perjury in secret courts

In secret family courts, social workers and solicitors routinely commit perjury to pervert the course of justice. Instead of sentencing them to time in jail, our corrupt freemasonry judges, who are acting criminally, protect them.

With nearly all our judges free-masons, implementing the freemasonry agenda of trauma through injustice, and playing their part to bring about the EU police state, a fair trial is now a rare exception. If solicitors or judges are exposed, they furiously threaten newspapers and individuals alike with injunctions and arrests. They appear to see perjury as their automatic right.

British justice is now utterly corrupt at all levels.

Each year 200 parents and grandparents, who attempt to expose this miscarriage of justice are sentenced by freemasonry judges to up to six months on false charges of contempt of court to shut them up.

Governments figures for kids in care are approx. 69,000, so why are there 100s of agencies throughout the country all making huge amounts of money and the employment also runs into millions all from around 69.000 kids, and most of the agencies are owned by social workers or ex social workers, many S/W are from third world and any one can buy a CV for a few pounds , then we have untold S/W employed by the SS with many S/W who have their own businesses registered at companies house, most companies are for assessments, or housing, so the S/W take the children on false allegations get paid by the SS get a back hander from the agency then use their own registered companies to do assessments. Many legal people and judges have shares in the agencies, many kids in care are down as ADHD and there is no such thing as ADHD but these kids are prescribed Ritalin which is registered as equal to cocaine, then we have the clinical social workers, another big fiddle, as you know kids in care are used for drug experiments, S/W who have their own property companies registered are used to house the kids from care, 3 years ago I went undercover to register a foster agency and was told most foster agencies are owned by ex or S/W, but the whole point is how can millions be made from 69.000 kids.

We recently found that many foster carers are buying a second home in the sun with tax payers money, normally a foster carer takes the children on holiday in the school holidays for about 2 weeks all is paid for by the tax payers, so what they do is to put a deposit on a property, in Spain then rent their apartment out for the kids holidays and charge the SS which pays their mortgage then the foster carers now take the kids on holidays to their apartment in the Easter August and Christmas holidays so how much are they charging the SS. One foster carer we know said their apartment is for retirement.

We also know that many foreign S/W usually from Africa are helping friends to come here and get a job as a foster carer.

Grimster Valdez: At the end remember. When the time of judging that same pride will get u feeling your soul in repentence but shall be no redeem

MarekzAnglii: Typical politicians... they talked a lot... and said FUCK ALL!

roastpotato: Suck a donkeys cock, Obama!!. Useless sack of shit...

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Theresa May and Barack Obama Joint Press Conference - UK Trade Deal - G20 summit in China #Updated

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Theresa May and Barack Obama Joint Press Conference - UK Trade Deal - G20 summit in China

Theresa May and Barack Obama Joint Press Conference - UK Trade Deal - G20 summit in China

US President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister Theresa May shake hands following a press conference on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Hangzhou ...